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Top left are 6 icons which they on various websites (topics) escort.
They move more quickly from one to the other site.
You are here: - Street Figther Alpha Zero / He-Ro² & MotU

Here you can find content of M.U.G.E.N 2D Beat'em-up Engine and Street Fighter.
Contents over Street Fighter can be found under ``Background´´ .

Left is the Control menu that navigation is to be used in priority!
Some pages, there are other control buttons (picture link) you can also use
but the menu they passed through all areas of the website.

Some links passed you directly to other websites while other Submenu open.
If it is the old closed open a new Submenu .

Some Sub-Submenüs you can with one click expanded or closed.
Where it is intended by the webmaster can keep them at the same time open even more sub-submenus .


When clicking on the icon takes you to a selection page , where you can choose:
whether you want to Street Fighter (left) or He-Ro II Son of He-Man (right) .
You arrives M.u.g.e.n. when you click on the logo above

It is on the left, a selection menu to facilitate.